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Note 20 -> usb tether -> phone locked -> working fine -> unlocking phone -> usb status back to charging & tethering stop -> again need to start the process to tether

Summary: Cannot use both phone and it's feature together.



Working on my laptop, connected to the WiFi at home, doing some important stuff that requires internet. All good so far. 😃😃😃

Now requires me to login to google on laptop. 😶
Oops , Its a power cut in the middle of my signin. 😔. No problem, will take a while for me to use my NOTE 20's Hotspot. Simple. 😌

Oh Man!! Got too low battery 🔋.😵. Okay. No problem my NOTE 20 has got usb tethering option like every phone. 😃.

I connect it. Turn display off and lock my phone. have got 7% battery .


Taadaa. My internet is back again. 😎. Now i just need to re-enter the password and i would be back.
Password entered.

What??!!. 2FA...🤨. Okay just need to go to 2FA App to to see the codes and enter.

Take my NOTE 20 in my hand. Turn display on. Use fingerprint. Go to app and starts typing the 2FA codes.😌 Finally lets press Enter.

WTH!!! 😤😤😤😤😤 Internet got disconnected. 🧐🧐 How...i just USB-Tethered, that's the fastest way.

Maybe something is messing with the phone. Let's try reconnecting and repeat the procedure. 😤

Again same. After i turn the display on from locked screen after usb Tethering. Usb tethering stops. 

Maybe something is messing. Let's try reboot.

Same thing happens again. 🤯😠😡

These kind of basic things which work fone with every cheap android is not supposed to happen in NOTE Series phone. And that also the feature which has already been working for the past 9 years as far as i know is buggy on premium series phone.

@Samsung. It's humbly requested that instead of providing too many features, try building the best you already got.

THIS IS MY 2ND SUCH BUG WHICH I FEEL I HAVE REPORTED. When the time is right I am going to dump the samsung phones away. 1st time tried to have a costly phone. Could not go as far of Note 20 Ultra. But totally worse experience. Was not expected after compromising a lot of things for a brand phone.

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