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Well Exynos 990 is same processor which is being used in Galaxy S20 and it is 20 percent less powerful than Snapdragon 865. Where as in Note 20 Ultra Snapdragon 865 Plus is used which is better than Snapdragon 865.

Problem is we never get Qualcomm rather Exynos processors are dumped in Europe and Asia. 

Benefits of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 over Exynos 990 

1. Better battery performance
2. Overall better and faster performance

And now US would get 865 Plus in Note 20 Ultra and we would get the same which is already being used in Galaxy S20. You do your math.

In practicality you would never come across Overall performances between both except battery which you would be impacted with.

Finally it's upto you because what I believe that if same product is launched with 2 different processors and priced same , then why the hell I would use the inferior one.

I have already taken the pledge that until Samsung doesn't launches flagship with Qualcomm i will never buy one. Rather I would go with Apple flagship (using iPhone 11 Pro) and for Android I would go with Pixel or Nokia

I am done being fancy fancy when it comes to brands and we should be.

If Samsung , LG and other non Chinese brands had been competitive,  these Chinese brands would have never got popularity. 

In fact we are so fool to buy brands which are under same company.

OnePlus , OPPO, Vivo , Poco Real Me are under same company. Yes they used the same components  which was being used by Flagships but kept the price low.

I understand  that buying Samsung,  Apple flagships give you brand experience as well, but what about lower price segments. Those segments by well reputable brands are garbage when it comes to quality and performance. This is where Chinese brands are taking opportunities. 

Simple math.
Before Jio , we used to pay 250-500 for 1GB

But after Jio we are paying 149 for total 45 GB (rough calculations)
Because here what Jio did the math was even if all the users recharge with minimal value they would be in Profit throughout the year because obviously they would have the largest customer base.

But Airtel , Vodafone  and other operators , rather being competitive,  they just kept working on juicing profit from us.

India is very price sensitive market and manufacturers,  service providers have to operate within such parameters. 

And if we are being charged same hefty amount for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra,  then i should get the better hardware which all other countries are getting.  Its my right to get that. Because **bleep** Samsung you are charging us for such.
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wait for 2021 samsung will change their gpu
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Apple still retains number 1 position in India in 2nd quarter. I think they will retain same in 3rd qtr too. Samsung has to change and understand the consumers or they will fail.
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Coz we Indian are dumb who purchases that **bleep** exynos.
if samsung sees dip in their flagship sales in India then they might think of changing the processor here...
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my first question is who sad SD is faster than exinos?
and last question is how come SD865 IS BEING given for flagship as well as non flagship divides in Chinese phones
my answer to last question is they compro.ise on quality of other components which make users at risk (High SAR)