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Running One UI 3 on Note 10+ :)

(Topic created on: 11-15-2020 09:32 PM)
Galaxy Note
Hey 👋

My friends shared me the beta ROM of One UI 3 and I must say it is amazing! There are some minor bugs but better than One UI 2.5.

If you are wondering the yellow-green tint it is no longer there. It has been finally fixed! Also the battery life is much better. I believe that yellow tint wasn't done by purpose rather Samsung devs wanted to keep HDR active at all times as default which caused the yellow tint. However it seems that after many complains Devs decided to revert back so whenever you watch HDR video it will turn on automatically.

Let me know if you want to know what features One UI 3 is included in Note 10+.

I made a short video of its overall UI 


Do note I have flashed this ROM on my XSG variant Galaxy Note 10+.

Anyways thanks for checking out this thread ❤ will be posting more in coming days.