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My Note 20 Ultra won't support Jio true 5g..

(Topic created on: 02-20-2023 08:10 PM)
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We've just been told by Samsung in India that the phone we bought by paying approx $1300 USD (Rs 1, 10,000 INR in local currency) will not support SA (stand alone) 5G which is offered by the country's largest telecom provider Reliance Jio.

Note that SA 5G is the only true 5G that supports low latency use cases such as immersive gaming and virtual reality workloads. And Samsung has $crewed Indian customers over by not supporting SA 5g. 

Let us not allow Samsung to get away with this, since this issue is an India specific issue. Samsung sold devices running Exynos processors only in India at the same price they sold handsets that came with the Snapdragon processor in other markets. So, essentially, they charged us Indians the same money but provided us only half working devices. 

Please file lawsuits with the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) in droves, so that this gets attention from Indian regulators and courts and Samsung is forced to pay hefty penalties for their discriminatory practices. To file your complain, simply search 'NCH app' on playstore and install the app. Next follow the simple instructions to file a complaint. You will receive a unique docket number and Samsung will be forced to respond to you via the Consumer protection agency. This is a very important step and one that should be followed by each and every Note 20 ultra users in India who is unable to use Jio 5g on their devices. 

Also, please join this WhtsApp group to join hands with other fellow sufferers and mobilize support for your issue - https://chat.whatsapp.com/DqgaXG6DFzj7UMIV5ShslT

Together we can fight fraudulent companies like #ScamSung. 

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#ScamSung has cheated Indian customers by selling an inferior product running Exynos processor that is incapable of supporting SA 5G (true 5g). Join other customers in this group and take Samsung to court and make them pay for this fraud. Join the group today - https://chat.whatsapp.com/DqgaXG6DFzj7UMIV5ShslT