Freedom is diffrent of types for me one type of freedom is being able to do what you want to. And for me from last 8 years its My Galaxy Note thats letting me do whatever i want to. From clicking stunning pictures of my last 8 years memories of birthdays , family parties , trips ,hanging out with friends everything is captured the way i want to with My Galaxy Note devices . I am fond of the S pen that gets better and better with the new note and i have been noting  everything i want to in S Note/Samsung Note from school projects to college practicals to business discussions, meetings with pictures, texts and hand written notes . The S pen is like a magic wand that lets me do anything i want to and i can even keep in mind things that are important with S pen. The ultra fast processor and RAM on Galaxy Note devices make excelsheets , image editing, video conferencing all at once with ease without any Lag to make daily work , tasks easier than you ever. 
For me whatever i want to do at any point of time in my life if powered by My Galaxy Note devices and has set my thoughts and ideas free. For me My Galaxy Note devices define Freedom for me. Go share what defines freedom for you with #withGalaxy .