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I am appalled with the service provided by Samsung Electronics Service Center and Samsung India Customer Experience/Support. I have bought a Samsung Note 8 on 27/11/2017 having a 1-year warranty.

Incident 1 -
Within 6 months (while in the warranty period), I started noticing the issue with the screen, having horizontal and vertical lines of dead pixels.

I went to official Samsung Service Center in Nashik Maharashtra and logged my first complaint with #4257757982, dated 02/04/2018. The service representative was unable to find the root cause of the issue and replaced the screen and battery on the phone.

Incident 2 -
The dead pixels on the screen went away but the issue was seen again within the next three months with another complaint logged #4268039235, dated 03/09/2018. The service representative suggested replacing the screen and battery again. Upon asking the service representative that this repair was already done once, 3 months ago, and the issue is not resolved. Nonetheless, they had no other solution but replace it again. The service repair was done and the issue was resolved temporarily.

Not satisfied with the customer experience, I reached out to the Samsung Customer Experience but instead of getting my issue resolved they were much more interested in selling me the extended warranty. As they themselves were not able to guarantee the product and the repair.

While I did not trust the work done on my phone, and upon insisting I was offered an extended warranty for an additional 3 months in case I see this issue again.

Incident 3 -
Here again, I see the same issue after 3 Months of repair. Upon contacting the customer experience, I was asked to go to the service center who in turn are again suggesting to replace the screen and battery. This is the third time I will be going through all the hassle again, being without a phone for more than a week. Backing up and restoring all my data. Also losing my business while my phone is being repaired at the service center.

I am not sure how many times do I have to get my screen and battery replaced and if at all Samsung India would be able to find the root of this issue. Also, I am disappointed by the fact that a Samsung phone costing 78,000 INR Does not come with quality but also an untrustworthy and unreliable service experience.

I am hoping to write to your office today, in case if you could look into this issue and help me get the service I deserve from Samsung India.

Gurpal Singh H
This shouldn't have happened brother. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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78K for Note 8??? in which world ??
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Mars I guess