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Design and display - Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 12-17-2020 07:55 PM)
Galaxy Note
I am all in for raving about the design and display of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

Mystic bronze, need I say more? Colour of the year or what!


For a phone that is 6.9 inch, this is so sleek. And importantly, light. Trust me! 🙂

The back of the phone has a beautiful satin finish that actually doesn't leave any fingerprints. So smooooth.

Yes yes, the camera module is bulky. This is also why I have a full protection cover (no compromises on the protection of that camera). But I have to say I quite like the colour around this module. 

S Pen - again, so sleek, so pretty! The reduced latency is definitely noticeable from the first time you take the S pen out for your scribbles. 

I was never one to watch movies, Netflix or even read on a phone. I always hated it. But take this from me, the size of this screen makes it so easy. Now I am lazy to open my laptop for anything. I am always on my phone - Netflix, playing games, reading articles, writing notes - for everything.


Here's me wondering what to watch tonight! 

Tell me, what do you like most about the design or display of your Samsung device?

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Thanks for the review! We totally agree, with a show-stopping color, and that screen size, this device is one of a kind!

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Absolutely 🙂