Beginner Level 3

STORAGE FULL! Should be fix as memory is too less. The thing is when we install lots of apps (2-3 apps are lot for this phone....xd) problems come not only for this for every phones. specially when u use whatsapp u get lots of issue. uninstall and see your phone will gets good performance. But whatsapp is necessity for us!

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Following improvement it should get through OTA updates as mentioned below -

1. OS update- It should get 7.0 or 8.0(atleast) or may be 9.0!

2. An option to use use our sdcard to it's full potential- When we install apps from playstore or from any other ways it should get installed on SD card by default with its OBB files and data Files directly to sd card as it has very low internal storage (probably 3gb internal storage excluding system reserved).

3. Low internal storage

Galaxy J2 2016 has 8GB of internal storage and support for microSD card. The available user storage is around 3GB out of the box. Though it supports microSD card, all apps cannot be transferred to microSD card. The Android Marshmallow feature of using microSD card as internal storage is not available.

4. Very Limited ROM (Only 2.8 GB)

5. Samsung j2 2016 overheating 

6. Battery get discharge so fast

7. others- With just a 1.3 GHz quad-core CPU and 1 GB RAM, there is a tendency for the phone to lag when it is loaded with too many apps. You also can’t play any heavy games

Dear Samsung,

Please provide customers these updates to samsung J2 2016 (SM-J210F) indian version and other models and solve all this problems mentioned above. Please provide updates fast because the phone launched in 2016 no major updates(like OS upgrade) provided and the year running 2019 still no updates......!!