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edge screen disappeared after using samsung pay

(Topic created on: 12-19-2020 01:02 AM)
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hi, notiticed my edge screen tab disappeared after activating or using samsung pay. on my fold 2....the edge screen is now at the bottom instead of the right side of the screen....unable to open or use multiple apps....any advice?
thx in advance
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Hi there, Samsung pay won't interfear with the edge panel. I think what you see on the bottom is the quick launch option for Samsung pay.

Edge panel can be dragged and dropped to any side of the screen and you may have accidently moved it somewhere else. To figure out where your edge panel handle is, Open settings > display > edge screen > edge panels > click on the three dot menu on top > handle settings
Now you can see where the edge panel handle is. Drag it to the desired location and press Lock Handle Position so that it won't move from the desired location.
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Thanks Ambassador for your help on this!

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To deactivate the Samsung Pay quick access on the bottom, Open Samsung Pay > Hamburger menu on the left top > setting(gear icon on the top) > quick access and deselect all the toggles.