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Any information about the update of galaxy had been last 3 month when we got security patch..this is gone wrong samsung..At this time oneplus,oppo as well as realme launches there beta update for android 10 for mid range phone but Samsung wher...

Posted by: 1ajay8
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What is your opinion?

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Two things according to me can make Samsung leader:1) Price control 2) Regular updates upto devices 3-4 years old (similar like OnePlus)Share yours please

Posted by: MKJha
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Assistant menu

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Any body please explain me how to use "pintch zoom " option in Assistant menu key ?? What is the use of + and - sign ? In A70

Posted by: kd80
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Samsung a30s camera autofocus problem..... Others Samsung phone screen tap to flashing ... but a30s screen tap but no flashing...... Why this problem

Posted by: Ased
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I can't understand why Samsung a30 getting the android 10 update in January while a30s will get the same on May?