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is there ny other amigos facing issue **bleep** galaxy a 50 6 gb ram, lag issue when u on the animations though its equipped with 6 gb ram, infact my galaxy a 7 6 gb ram was far better evn when the animations r on..but here the story is totally **ble...

Software update

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After a very long time Samsung finally gave a software update for Galaxy since last February when the last update for Android has given, after that no update for security or for any bugs....but thanks to Samsung they gave the latest securit...

fast charge or normal charge for a50s?

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Hi guys, While charging a50s, I noticed that there wasn't much difference in fast compared to normal mode.In fact the normal mode of charging gives more backup and less heat. Even it charges fast than enabling that **bleep** fast charging option.Here...

ui lags

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My system ui sometimes becomes smoother and sometimes becomes very fluctuating and laggy..Can anyone tell me a way to make it always a smoother one??..😃