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Software issues in my Galaxy A53 5G

(Topic created on: 01-30-2023 08:43 PM)
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I am using the samsung Galaxy A53 5G since last 10 months and want Samsung software team to notify some of the practical software issues and hope they will try to fix it with the software updates.

1. The phone lags within the UI i.e (scrolling through youtube, twitter, myntra,flipkart, ajio, instagram etc) noticeably for no reason (always using it in 120hz) from day 1 & though many software updates has been received but still this issue is not resolved yet.
2. The camera performance is just average in most of the conditions (darkens the picture after capturing for no reason ; may be the software processing issue)
3. The battery life is noticeably reduced after the android 13 update. Earlier it was like 6.5 to 7hrs(screen on time per full charge in 120hz) but now it is 5 to 5.5hrs( screen on time per full charge in 120hz) 
 These are some of the practical issues & Samsung is charging sort of a premium(30k -34k) for the A53 and only for the software experience. Hope these issues will be resolved with the next OTA updates.

Thank you.
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