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According to me the best ui is the oneui 2 and thereafter Samsung added some features but a lots of bug is there meanwhile it may affect your routine with your device or it may not so i am just sharing the bugs experienced in Galaxy A70 approximately after 25 days 

1. Mobile networks 
Yes obviously the Mobile data speed improved a lot in both lte & lte+ ( with carrier aggregation) but it losses the stability to the network jio ( * i am running bsnl also without any issues) sometimes networks automatically gones , volte doesn't came , volte & data everything is on but still no data is working ( false network showing) & the frist & last one disturbs the most & in the midtime if anyone call you jio will says switch off ! (* i am sure that it's not jio's issue because at the same time M10s & j7 giving all the performances volte on , data use ,no network gone etc )

2. Apps crash
Amid system apps there's not too much issues without the gallery, sometimes it lags while opening ( only sometimes approx 1 lag between 40 to 50 openings)
But many other apps like Gta Sa (gta vc working fine ) , appcloner v 2.3.3 ( by b** 32 ), apk editor pro ( by lu**dev) , mt manager etc are not opening just crashing without showing any errors. 

3. Camera 
Still the single take feature isn't given. & personally i don't like the new brightness control old was the best , still issues in focusing both near & far object even sometimes full shot came blurry but the overall camera performance is improved pictures came great than earlier. 
& in video the quality is decreased & it will crop the video even if stabilization is off.

Battery backup 
I think i am getting better sot ( screen on time) than earlier. 

App optimization 
System apps are outstanding Still most non system apps need optimization. 

Gaming experience 
I am neither a hardcrore gamer nor want to addict with the games but still occasionally i play minecraft gta etc.
Minecraft is optimized better, gta vc working like previous gta sa will crash but go reddit , search & download another gta sa mod app to run gta sa . 
No idea about free fire , pubg global version etc.
Charging time
A little bit improved approximately taking 5 min less to full charge. 

Overall ui
Ui is moderate need much improvement(s) will rate it 6 / 10
Wifi direct
Note carefully you can't use wifi direct more to share files but still you can receive files from another device. 
😥 missing this feature Samsung forcefully send us to use 3 rd party app because m 10s, j7 doesn't have support of latest " quick share " by Samsung. 

Fingerprint reading is just awesome improved a lot too mucb quick unlock, accuracy is also >90%
Face is as usual. 

Secure folder 
Especially i don't like the new secure folder ui with 3×4 apps list previously it was 4×4 which is best

File manager 
Not by one ui but by Google you can't access Android/ data folder any more but you can install solid explorer etc type file manager to get access to those folders.

Ram management
Still many unnecessary apps running on background ( ram usase 3.3 gb / 6gb) while oneui 2 have 2.9 gb / 6gb 

Notification panel 
This also allows you to add 4×3 buttons/ icons while previously you can add 4×4 icons ( like volume, auto rotate etc )

Volume control panel 
Just the appearance is changed previously there's just a slider now there's a bar just it.

Power saving 
The ultra power saver etc removed now every time biometric etc will be turned on even in ultra power saving mode .

Calling ui
Previously in the dialpad sim 1&2 both are side by side which is more easier & convenient compared to now there's normally sim 1 is written on the bottom of call 📞 icon and you need to tap & change it for call via another sim.

New feature ( s )
1. Double tap an empty area of home screen to lock phone. 
2. Concert Hall effect in Samsung music came back ( install sound assistant to use it )
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Galaxy A

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