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what the fish is going on here what sort of ba task is this spamming whole community , if got this message from what's app, email or some other source kindly make it stop once and for all if guys are doing some sort of contest then post all your useless stuffs on the contest from please make the forum clean for the problem but no you BA guys wont do it because we want spamming in the community and then the AI  bans me for the reason to raise my voice  please make it stop its my request to all BA holders if you are spamming then all the other low level to epert levels will spam all together due to this we arent able to find the real problem then you would i am being rude or something well ever heard of that law every action has any equal and opposite reaction,if this so let me correct you ways please make this useless contest or pranks or what ever it is make it stop, you guys represent the members app and now guys have started spamming altogether now where is the spam filter, where that thing is which always ban me , and where is the moderators , and where those admin and where is Shivzen , where are you dead in the bush, there is spamming altogether under your nose still you guys dont take any action against those even if they are at BA level instead of that you take action aginst me just for raising my voice , what the fish , is this how your justice system works , is this how you make parcialty against those who raise the voice , if this is the case then your moderation level is complete hoax and empty inside from the wood , the spammers in the name of contest eat the community like dimak and you dont even take the action against it 


now please BA Group please stop this useless contest and pranks in the community if you guys want there is contest forum go there and spam however you like 


if you guys have problem with it further let me confront on twitter @hanitirkey 

and in discord  


confront with me on those platforms 


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Community Manager

Rather than inviting people to confront you on other platforms, I would encourage you to share your feedback here, and keep an open mind.

We don't think sharing content (which encourages conversation around different passion points) is spam. You also raise the same personal concern/complaint on multiple different threads. As long as Members have a civil conversation (even if its negative) we encourage it!

I understand that you are passionate towards this community and have a strong opinion about what sort of content is acceptable. But we feel Members should be encouraged to share diverse topics and have interesting discussions around their interests, hobbies and passions.

I welcome you to share your feedback constructively!