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One UI 5 upgrade with Android 13 - Schedule

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Dear Samsung Members,


Thank you for taking an interest in our products and services.

We would like to inform users about the One UI 5 upgrade with Android 13 update for our Galaxy customers.

Here is the detailed information.


[Eligible Models]

Galaxy S22 (Nov22)
Galaxy S22 Ultra (Nov22)
Galaxy S22+ (Nov22)
Galaxy A32 (Dec22)
Galaxy A51 (Dec22)
Galaxy A52 (Dec22)
Galaxy A52s 5G (Dec22)
Galaxy A71 (Dec22)
Galaxy A72 (Dec22)
Galaxy A73 5G (Dec22)
Galaxy F62 (Dec22)
Galaxy M32 (Dec22)
Galaxy M33 5G (Dec22)
Galaxy M42 5G (Dec22)
Galaxy Note10 Lite (Dec22)
Galaxy S10 Lite (Dec22)
Galaxy S20 FE (Dec22)
Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Dec22)
Galaxy S21 FE 5G (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S7 (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S7 FE (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S7+ (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S8 (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (Dec22)
Galaxy Tab S8+ (Dec22)
Galaxy Z Flip (Dec22)
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G/LTE (Dec22)
Galaxy A12 (Jan23)
Galaxy A13 (Jan23)
Galaxy A22 (Jan23)
Galaxy A22 5G (Jan23)
Galaxy A23 (Jan23)
Galaxy F12 (Jan23)
Galaxy F22 (Jan23)
Galaxy F42 5G (Jan23)
Galaxy M12 (Jan23)
Galaxy M53 5G (Jan23)
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (Jan23)
Galaxy A03 (Feb23)
Galaxy A23 5G (Feb23)
Galaxy F13 (Feb23)
Galaxy F23 5G (Feb23)
Galaxy M13 (Feb23)
Galaxy M13 5G (Feb23)
Galaxy Tab A8 (Feb23)
Galaxy A03s (Mar23)
Galaxy A04 (Mar23)
Galaxy A04s (Mar23)

[Update Completed]

Galaxy A33 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy A53 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Z Flip4 (Nov22)
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Z Fold4 (Nov22)
Galaxy S20 (Nov22)
Galaxy S20+ (Nov22)
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy S21 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy S21+ 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy M32 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy M52 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Note20 (Nov22)
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Tab S8 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G (Nov22)
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G (Nov22)


Providing a continued great experience is our first priority.

Update schedule and eligible models could be changed if we encounter any issues through ongoing review.

The update may also be halted for a while even after the official update, when an emergency fix is occurred.

We will notify through Samsung Members if there is any schedule or model list changes.


* Depending on model and country or network operator, supported functions and schedule may change.


 Your Galaxy. Your way.

One UI 5

Make your everyday effortless by

getting things done easily across all your Samsung Galaxy devices!

One UI 5 let you customize your Galaxy experience

the way you like it with the tips of your fingers.


Your phone, your look, your style


Experience the updated customization features that fit your personal taste.

Create your own Samsung Galaxy from lock screen

to your own stickers with the tips of your fingers!



Make your screen the way you like it!

Long-press the lock screen to change wallpaper, clock and notification design.

You can also put your favorite video on your lock screen!

Decorate your screens as you like with ready-made images, colors and filters!




Make your memories more fun to share

Here’s more fun and expressive way to share your memories.

Create stickers from your favorite photos by cropping the images as you like!

Make your own GIF meme from a video and trim it in a timeline, and add text and emojis.





How-to: Create ‘Custom stickers’

Gallery app > Select a photo> Tap (icon) > Tap (icon) > Tap ‘Stickers’ > Custom stickers > Create stickers > Choose a photo then select to make it into a sticker


Keep your work flowing on Galaxy

For those people who have a lot to do yet want to do more!

Boost your productivity with more powerful One UI 5 multitasking features!



Do multiple things your way

Try using a split screen view or pop-up view to multitask in your own way!

Easily launch Multi Window from the Recent apps,

Apps edge, or with two-finger swiping on your Galaxy.

Plus, save your Multi Window settings on App pair and easily bring it up!


*Multi Window (split screen view or pop-up view) availability may vary depending on application. 3 way split screen view only available on Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold series and Galaxy Tab S series devices. Taskbar is available only on Galaxy Z Fold series or Galaxy Tab.




How-to: Open ‘Multi Window’

Apps edge panels > Drag & drop an app to open in ‘Split-screen’ or ‘Pop-up view'



Turn any Galaxy device into a mobile office

Your Samsung Galaxy devices are good companion to run Microsoft 365, anywhere and at any time.

Use Multi Window to cross-reference multiple documents.

Also, you can add some drawings with S Pen in the email body for additional explanation.


*Required to be logged in to a Microsoft account.

*Split screen view of the same type of documents of Microsoft 365 only available on Galaxy Z Fold series and Galaxy Tab.

*The Drag and Drop feature requires the latest Microsoft Office app (minimum version 16.0.15330.20128 or above). Availability of feature may vary by country or region.

*Whiteboard in Microsoft Outlook app requires a Microsoft 365 commercial subscription.



Your Privacy. Secured.


Introducing more enhanced One UI 5 privacy & security features!

Explore more powerful Samsung Galaxy privacy & security for your safer and joyful mobile experience.



Own your privacy for peace of mind

View the security status of your phone at a glance on the privacy dashboard.

If malware was detected or security update is required,

simply follow the guide that Samsung Galaxy provides step by step.




How-to: Open ‘Privacy Dashboard’

Settings > Security and privacy > Security and privacy dashboard



Keep your personal data safe when sharing

Secure your personal information, such as passports, credit cards, etc., when sharing with Samsung Galaxy. Your phone will warn you and suggest you send them via Private Share.


*Enhanced photo share feature is available only when system language is set in English (US) or Korean. In the case of ID, availability may vary depending on language.



How-to: Share documents safely

Gallery app > Select single or multiple images > Share > A warning message appears just below the images that contain personal information


Design and express yourself freely with the new One UI 5.

Enjoy meaningful yet delightful mobile experience with Samsung Galaxy.




Images shown are for Illustration purpose only



※ This content is developed based on One UI 5. Availability of the features, how to steps, or user interfaces may vary depending on the device, OS/One UI version, and country, and subject to change without notification.

Copyrightⓒ 2016-2022 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved



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F62 timeline is December but it has got the update in November. They why should we wait for it till December? We paid 35k for it
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All the useful features like maintenance mode, voice focus, object eraser, etc are limited only to a few models. That's discrimination in itself. And on top, this discrimination is uneven too. F62 gets object eraser while A52s doesn't! F23 gets voice focus while s22 ultra doesn't!! What non sense is this?? Is it too tough to give all the software features to phones which are powerful enough to support it?

This will be the last Samsung mobile purchase among my family and friends. We are all shifting to pixel, nothing or Apple for our next phones due to the PATHETIC service of Samsung.
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You are right even they halted carrier aggregation and many more features for m and f series just for the sake of marketing, samsung literally making this a game.
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Please give some updates in samsung galaxy s21ultra

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