Community Guidelines
Hey community members! I hope you all are doing great! 😄

Samsung community is great place where all Samsung users help each other in solving any issue or doubts regarding their devices. 

If or when your doubt or problem gets solved by someone, please do feel to accept it as a solution.

Why should you Accept as solution, after your problem is solved? 🤔
1. It makes easier for many problem solvers of community to go through other problems and doubts which haven't been solved, and makes it easier to locate unsolved issues.

(Since most of us want to help as maximum Members as possible)

2. Helps others, who might be encountering similar issues. 

3. It's a nice gesture for the person, who made an effort to took effort to solve your issue or problem.

How to accept a comment as a solution? 🤔
It is very simple! Just click on three dots on the bottom right side of the comment, and click on Accept as solution


Samsung Members is a great community who love to help each other. There are some great members on the community (Brand Ambassadors and non Brand Ambassadors as well) who are ready to help you in any problem you encounter. Most of us will do our best efforts to solve your issue or problem! 

So, feel free to reach out on to community about any issue or problem you're facing! 😃

Your small step might help in making this community more helpful for others! 😄
Community Guidelines
Useful post mate🤩🤩
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Community Guidelines
Yes this post was needed.
Thank you for acknowledging everyone via your post.