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Exciting Bixby Features Announced 💥💥

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Samsung has just revealed a handful of new features that Bixby will be getting in the coming days, so if you're a fan of the AI, here is what you should expect. For example, you'll be able to see how a piece of clothing looks on you by simply using t...

Posted by: Abhy
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Bixby issues

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While I ask question as in screenshot bixby ignores that there is "Was" mentioned in question and tells future date. While Google assistant gives correct answer.

note 10 Bixby issue

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Wanted to enquire about Bixby voice link running in the background which has been consuming over 30 percent of my battery on a daily basis, I don't see any option of deactivating it and its creating issues for me.It wasn't present before it has start...

Posted by: saadbin
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Bixby has picked up my routine now. Its night and am asked to set alarm for morning. Friendship of a lifetime:D