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Hii guysAnyone whoever is planning to preorder Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraDo check the performance of smartphone as spending a hefty amount and still not receiving a perfect smartphone may be a waste of money.As there are some issues which I have no...
FinallyJust hoping for Android 11 also.
HelloI am highly interested in buying Note 20 Ultra but Just because of offering Exynos Processor, I wont be buying.So its an request to Samsung and Samsung India to offer Snapdragon 865+ Version also so that A person like me can purchase the device....
Below is the list of devices that will be receiving 3rd generation android updates.Hope that samsung rolls out 3rd generation updates on S9 and Note 9 series.Do post your thoughts regarding the Initiative taken by Samsung.
Finally after 3 month we the note 9 users got an update and its a good update and lets hope samsung provide Android 11 update also in future.