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Has anyone been able to sync the gallery app with the Onedrive after the gallery app update? I have updated the gallery app but still can't be able to sync the gallery app with onedrive.Onedrive option suposed to be near the sync option but stl not.
Hi all,Can anyone advise how to change the contents of the Samsung members app. My phone has a middle east frimware installed on so most of the posts i see in the app is in Arabic.Help please.Thanks 
Hi all,My Note 10 plus has a middle eastern firmware installed on. I want to change to European firmware.Anybody can help? and which European model is working without any issues?Thanks.
How to connect samsung Gallery app to Microsoft one drive?Has this feature been made available for Galaxy Note 10 plus?Thanks
After checking for new updates for my Note 9, i have downloaded the new software version twice but it will not be installed and those 2 messages pops up. Anyone faced this issue?