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Note 8 battery draining very rapidly, have to charge phone 2 3 times im not a heavy user my phone is kept idle most of the time, as you can see in the picture my phone was idle for 7hrs then also the battery drained so much. Pls rectify this with an ...
After recent update. Galaxy note 8 starts to slow down if i open gallery it takes around 15 sec to load all the albums and battery backup has gone down to worse i have to charge my phone 2 3 times in a day. Pls roll out a fix for this issue
After the december security patch update, the battery performance has been decreased i have to charge my phone 2 times in a day if i use it little heavily. Pls see in the matter and provide with a solution
note 8 battery is draining very quickly pls release an update to fix it
There is a problem in samsung music. If a song is searched a list is shown of the songs which matches the search criteria. Then if a user selects a song and it is played, after the song is finished only that songs are played which were shown in the s...