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Samsung u latest update in j4plus may security patch. But ,anything improvement & no new features added but why? And realme ui good for every update security new added new improvement & new features. So, Samsung u need the brand but not good work f0r...
Why???Samsung new few days updated coming in j4plus. So, is problem fixed.All time data & wifi on hot the phone . Hot is hanging problem phone.
Hi Samsung. S.D 439 chipset is very better drain in few days & hots the phone few minutes in, Samsung u optimization in S.D 439 all this thing .So ,thank u Samsung Electronics.
Thanks Samsung. U are finally update the new update in j, u first the update and all issue & problem solved the rolating the android 10.Thanks Samsung Electronics.
HI, Samsung Electronics. I important part this moment in j4plus in major issue in March update,,Airplane mode on in the battery drain all Samsung smartphone. But,this problem in solve the next updated coming.And optimizations Ram & Rom in ...