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Watch 5 - One UI 5.0 update received

(Topic created on: 09-21-2023 11:09 AM)
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After updating to One UI 5.0 :-
The battery is draining very fast. My watch 5 with required settings, used to sustain for 2 days (48hrs) with full charge. But after update, it has drained to 28% within <24hrs. 
Wiping cache partition by booting device into recovery mode helped me. So if anyone has similar issue post One UI 5.0 update on Watch 4/5, they can do the same. 
No other major issues were noticed. 

Hi guys,

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has received the One UI 5.0 update in Bahrain. 

The update size is 1.7GB. 


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Congratulations 🎊