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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

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After the Gear S3 Frontier, Galaxy: Watch, Watch 3 and Watch 4 Classic, this is my 5th Samsung Watch.

Let me address the elephant in the room for me: no physical rotating bezel but a digital one instead. If you were a Galaxy Watch active owner, it’s probably fine and you will not feel any difference, but for the other variant users like myself, and after so many years, it feels weird not to have it, and it will take a lot of time to get used to this.

This is the biggest change in my opinion as it used to feel very satisfying before, don’t get me wrong, it kind of works, kind of...

Here’s what’s different from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic:

  1. Bluetooth 5.2 instead of 5.0.
  2. 5GHZ Wifi.
  3. Sapphire screen which is 2x stronger.
  4. Bigger battery.
  5. Titanium body instead of Stainless steel.
  6. No Rotating bezel.
  7. Body temperature sensor.
  8. Slightly different design.

It’s kind of a more durable Galaxy Watch 4 Classic honestly, NOT a replacement or a continuation of that series, as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is marketed as an outdoors sporty watch. But the catch here, if compared to the competition like Garmin or some other Outdoors Sporty watches, the battery isn’t as good as the rest, and almost lasts 2 days less.

But if you are a person who wants the watch for normal activity like Chat, checking emails, notifications, and occasional jog or bike ride, then it’s the one for you.

Everything else is the same:

  1. Chipset.
  2. Ram.
  3. Storage.
  4. Screen resolution.
  5. Screen size.
  6. Strap size.
  7. OS.

I personally will buy every year’s Watch.

There are a few software features that are exclusive to the watch, but no thanks to any new hardware, meaning just exclusive to the Watch 5 Pro, which can be also on the Watch 4/Classic.

I found this one very elegant, the gray titanium is beautiful, looks awesome on the hand, and the battery capacity should be equal to my Galaxy Watch life. I’m getting 2 days 10 hours on the Galaxy Watch 4 vs 3.5 to 4.5 days on the Galaxy watch which I still use every other day. I believe this one will replace it.

If you have a model that is older than the Galaxy watch 4, it’s a no brainer, upgrade, the hardware and OS and everything else will be an awesome upgrade.

If you are a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic owner, you might want to wait till the price drops down a bit as the offer is not that tempting, you get 5x rewards if you buy from Samsung online, as well as the Samsung Care+ and a wireless charger. You can always wait a couple of months and get it from Amazon for a much cheaper price and add the extended warranty.

I love it, it’s beautiful and light, but the missing rotating bezel…. That’s gonna take some time to get used to.

Stay Tuned for the battery life test in a couple of days after i have enough data for that purpose.



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