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I am using gakaxy f41 and noticed that my wifi disconnects after 5-10 minutes and when i go in wifi settings it says 'ready to connect when wifi network improves' but all my other devices are connected and working with good speed and even the same phone used to work before updating to android 11....when i turn off wifi and switch it back on, it connects and gives good speed but just for another 5-10 minutes.....is there any setting to force it to stay connected even when it thinks that the network is not good enough (because it says that it is waiting for the connection to improve)?
Please help as it's really frustrating to disconnect and connect back. Here is the screenshot of wifi settings page.
Thanks in advance ☺


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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

Please perform the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue:


* Reset Network Settings: Go to apps screen >Settings >General Management >Reset >Reset Network Setting.


For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Open Samsung Members Application > Get help > Send Feedback > Error report/Ask questions).

Thank you for writing to Samsung.


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Samsung Customer Support