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in most recent days we have observed that the mobile data 4g/5g etc have been improved a lot we also use hotspot from mobiles that also provide great functionality to access the internet from our devices to laptops and computers 4g / 5g etc have revealed too much incoming calls rates have too much lower in 5g/4g etc except the old generation obviously their rates are .... leave it.. yes the 4g/5g allows us to access the internet without having wifi router all the time but here's the catch mobile data are limited to 1.5/per day as a heavy user I can't rely on mobile data first and for most  reason is the data cap which is limited to 1.5 GB which isn't enough for me because I do a lot of uploading and downloading and streaming, if I don't have wifi connection then I will be doomed for the reason of uploading and downloading thing moreover I do like to watch anime, youtube videos, playing games on PC, playing multiplayer games , as well as doing business in day to day life in which i exhaust 10 GB of internet per

the hour I am saying because of multiple devices running on the internet such as laptops, mobile phone wifi-based tv, and PC total 10 devices I have which is connected with the internet, that consumes 10gb per hour, 

the reason I don't like the 4g / 5g 



1 the problem is the data cap the main problem is with data cap it hardly possible to get high speed on mobile data the problem comes that after getting fully consumed high-speed data cap the mobile data speeds gradually becomes in kbps internet, which leads lots of problems which accessing or even uploading and downloading and even playing multiplayer games,  


2 lack of stability the mobile data indeed a lifesaver but the thing is there are lots of people connected with the same network, for example, I say jio with many subscribers due to this we hardly get better reception of network in the mobile data more and more people connects to this network the more is the problem as it expands the stability loses and thus we get full unstable network. the same will happen with 5g or up 


3 anther problem 5g with the millimeter-wave the problem is the object or obstacle  that is whenever there is the thick wall it blocks the waves although I am favor of the 5g I won't take only for this reason 

this same happens with the 4g enabled devices 


4 heating with  mobile data no matter which generation it is  always have heating and battery consumption is more, however, the 5g does have certain advantages but I am skeptical about 5g 


5 calls are exception though but here's the thing again the network reception is not good either 


6 also some time there lack of accuracy as well i know  most of you don't agree with this but i have seen and observed by self that how much better is the mobile data 


7 only good part in this is the portability of internet rest is meh in mobile data 


why i like wifi 


1 best stability of network


2 low users over in the wifi thus provides better speed and accuracy 


3 better network reception


4 high speed with unlimited internet say , 50 Mbps , 100 Mbps and lot more without having any data cap use it unlimited even leave it on for whole day it wont consume that much battery in whole 


5 less heating problem as compared to mobile data 


6 less power consumption


this is the reason I don't trust the mobile data anymore 


 bad part lack of portability but hey we are also getting car wifi routers as well, we are also getting wifi on cafe, airports, and many more places on coming days of future the automated driving will support it 


moreover, the wifi provides better stability to the ecosystem unlike the mobile data 


Expert Level 5

we are also getting 5ghz and 6ghz wifi as well as compared to 5g that will get in 2022 

5G may happen in 2023-24 india ...nice post👍✌️

5Ghz wifi is already available from many years.Its just a frequency band in wifi supported device.