Active Level 1
Tech Talk
1.add firewall to settings to block internet access to specific apps/domains
2.add biometric authentication to uninstall apps
3.add Samsung health to edge panel
4.remove haptic feedback for unrecognized fingerprint. 
5.blur app preview in recent apps screen option in app settings 
6.add disable screen timeout in quick panel
7.add password protected personal vault for gallery,messages and files.
8.ability to call specific contacts from lock screen
9.scroll up and down using eye tracking
10.add second space for guest user
11.automatically separate bulk sms and personal messages
12.when same notification is coming mutiple times even after dismissing show an option to don't show the same
13.allow removal of bloatwares
14.add clipboard history to edge panel (user should be able to pin important ones on the top) running apps in device care
16.when editing photos , add a tool to remove unwanted items/spots matching with the background in the photos.
17.add screen recorder to edge panel
18.add an option to blocklist phone numbers with prefix daily data usage in the quick panel camera, clipboard, wifi, microphone, body sensors, location access history by apps in settings->privacy. 
21.add a network packet interception tool (optional) 
22.add data limit to mobile hotspot
23.bring digital wellbeing dashboard to the app drawer 
24.when holding an app's icon some buttons pops up. On the top of that show the cpu usage, ram usage percentage of the running app and if it is using microphone, camera, location show that using icons.
25.In camera app, add voice control to take photos (like "bixby, capture photo when you detect two faces", "bixby, take photo when you see me") and invoke bixby vision ("bixby, what's that?", "bixby, is that guy already in my gallery?", "bixby read the document").
26.add an option to app settings to prevent autostart