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Unleashing the Future: The Galaxy Book 4 Edge and Snapdragon X Elite Revolution

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Galaxy Book 4 EdgeGalaxy Book 4 Edge


Yesterday at the Microsoft Event, a new era of innovation emerged as Microsoft unveiled its latest Surface devices. These cutting-edge devices are powered by the revolutionary Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processors, marking a significant leap forward in the Windows laptop market.



The new Snapdragon X Elite, an ARM-based processor, is not just efficient; it's exceptionally so. This means you can expect high performance without your device draining its battery quickly, a feature that we know is important to you.

A few things about it:

  • It used the new Qualcomm Orion cores.
  • It has an Adreno GPU.
  • It uses Qualcomm® Hexagon™ NPU with up to 45TOPS.
  • It runs on ARM64 architecture.
  • The Snapdragon X Elite is not just efficient; it's exceptionally so. This means you can enjoy high performance without worrying about power consumption or battery heating. It can deliver up to 22 hours of battery life, ensuring you stay productive all day. It supports the latest Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4.
  • It has the Qualcomm ISP for better image processing.

Immediately after that, other manufacturers launched their devices, and about one hour and thirty minutes into the event, we saw the announcement of the all-new Snapdragon X Elite-powered Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge. It's the very first Galaxy Book powered by a Snapdragon X Elite. 

Galaxy Book is a series of Business, Thin, and Light, UltraBook, and creative laptops and notebooks from Samsung.

The Galaxy Book series offers a range of options to suit different needs. The Galaxy Book is thin and light, perfect for everyday use. The Galaxy Book Pro is a business model designed for professionals. The Galaxy Book 360 is a 2-in-1 type with Pro models, offering versatility. The Galaxy Book Ultra is top-of-the-line, with advanced features. Chromebooks are also available. Now, we have the Galaxy Book Edge, which is a All-in-one AI PC.


Let's explore the all-new Galaxy Book 4 Edge. This model stands out with its new Snapdragon CPU and insane battery.

Introducing the all-new Galaxy Book 4 Edge, a Premium UltraBook and AI laptop. This innovative device is powered by the Snapdragon X Elite, available in 3.4GHz and 3.8GHz. With 16GB/512GB (eUFS) RAM and storage and two size options, 14 and 16 inches, it's a powerhouse of performance and style. And yes, Trade-in options are available. It runs on the latest Windows 11, offering a seamless user experience.



The main highlights:

  1. The Snapdragon X Elite Processor powers it, featuring a 45 TOPS NPU.
  2. The NPU runs AI locally on the device. This means you can generate images and use AI to improve sound quality. It is integrated with the Galaxy AI and the Ecosystem.
  3. GB4-Edge_pr_main2.jpg


  4. The highlighted AI features:
    1. Easily Control your Galaxy AI phone:
      1. Use a plug-in to command your phone to do whatever you need—call, text, send reminders, and much more—all from the convenience of your laptop.PC+Ph].png


      2. Recall instantly: Search across time to find the content you need. Then, re-engage with it. With Recall, you have an explorable timeline of your PC's past. Just describe how you remember it, and it will retrieve the moment you saw it. Any photo, link, or message can be a fresh point to continue from, especially with Copilot by your side.GbRecall.png


      3. Connect with Live Captions: It can convert movie or video dialogs to captions in English on the device in real-time.Gblivecap.png


      4. Bring Galaxy AI to your PC from your Phone: Tap into Circle to Search with Google from the convenience of a larger screen.hzd7rylj.png


  5. Chat Assist and many more Galaxy AI features will also work. Use the Artistic Cocreator to spark your imagination.Screenshot_21-5-2024_152058_www.samsung.com.jpeg


  6. Dedicated AI Key: tap and have AI to help you.
  7. Camera effects: Improve the lighting, add background blur, and make the background less distracting during video conferences and calls.
  8. Experience an immersive 13—or 16-inch 3K Touch Screen 2X Dynamic AMOLED Display with minimal bezels! This display is smooth at a 120Hz Refresh Rate and looks gorgeous with 120% DCI-P3 Color volume coverage. The display has an anti-reflective glass coating to improve the viewing experience. This means that [benefits of the 3 K Touch Screen 2X Dynamic AMOLED Display in simple terms]. A battery that can last a whole day (up to 22 hours), thus having it powered all day and charge super fast.lddzpjzc.png


  9. It's powerful, light, and just the right size: 14 inches at 10.09mm 3.4lb and 16 inches at 12.3mm 2.6lb.
    1. The Galaxy Book 4 Edge has plenty of ports for your convenience. These ports include [list of ports], which [benefits of the various ports].1x HDMI 2.1 (up to 4K@60Hz)
    2. 2x USB 4
    3. 1x USB A 3.2
    4. 1x MicroSD Card Slot
    5. 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack.
    6. Screenshot 2024-05-21 151258.png
  10. The system includes using the phone as an auto-switching audio with Galaxy Buds, Quick Share large files, and security by Samsung Knox.Screenshot_21-5-2024_15231_www.samsung.com.jpeg


  11. The Galaxy Book 4 Edge supports 65W Fast Charging.



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