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Samsung Internet is a Good browser with all its feature and customization.But Its Adblocking is not that powerfull and its depends  on other apps like adblock plus and some other adblock apps.But i have a trick.If u use samsung internet then it will be useeful For u.First install adblock plus from galaxy store.Because it let u insert adblock filter list of user choice.

Here is the list of adblock filter

First Copy All The Filter List to Your Clipboard

You have to open adblock plus and then goto

More adblocking Option 



Ater that U have to add All the filter by press the plus button which let u paste the copy text to there


Paste all the filter which i give here and untick previous filters.After that go back And press the update subscription.

Then Browse Samsung Internet to check

I Itested it and i m not get single ads since then.
Hope it will work For you.

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Good, keep sharing!