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Samsung starts production of 3nm semiconductor chips with GAA architecture

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Samsung Foundry has announced that it has started the initial production of 3nm semiconductor chips at its Hwaseong factory in South Korea. Unlike previous generation chips that used FinFET, the South Korean firm is using the GAA (Gate All Around) transistor architecture, which significantly improves power efficiency.


With MBCFET (Multi-Bridge-Channel FET) GAA architecture, Samsung’s 3nm chips get higher power efficiency by reducing supply voltage and enhancing the drive current capability. Samsung is also using nanosheet transistors in semiconductor chips for high-performance smartphone processors.

Compared to nanowire technology, nanosheets with wider channels allow higher performance and better efficiency. By adjusting the nanosheet width, Samsung’s clients can customize power usage and performance according to their needs.

Samsung Foundry 3nm Nanosheet GAA MBCFET

Compared to 5nm chips, the South Korean foundry firm is quoting a 23% improved performance, a 45% reduction in power usage, and an area reduction of 16%. The company’s second-generation 3nm chips will offer 50% better power efficiency, 30% better performance, and 35% less area.



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