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Although Samsung Display is leading the technology when it comes to displays, it never shies to innovate further. However, the latest patent from its sibling Samsung Electronics defies every myth with an all-display and a portless design.


The new patent, as spotted by LetsGoDigital, is a true 100% display device. The images show multiple displays wrapped around the device. There are no ports, cameras, and physical buttons. Samsung Electronics has filed it at USPTO(US Patent and Trademark Office) back in July 2020. It has been published on October 29,2020, and also visible in the WIPO(World Intellectual Property Office) database.

Talking about the displays, we see a curved display at the front. However, the rear panel’s display sits flat. And has many semi-rounded displays on the sides. Additionally, the display is covered by transparent housing on the front and back. The report mentions that it is made of a transparent “acrylic material”. Other components inside are hidden under this surrounding display with support columns.

Additionally, the device also has a sliding camera. The device reportedly has two parts with the cameras fixed to the back of the front part. Accordingly, a user needs to slide the rear part down to reveal the cameras. That said, for selfies, he/she can turn to the rear display. And use the same camera for taking selfies.

All this makes the device completely covered by display, and give a true full display smartphone experience. Further, the patent also mentions a secondary camera hidden inside. This is reportedly to find out which display the user is staring at. Other features like in-display fingerprint sensor, speaker, and sensors are under the display.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are no visible buttons, ports in the design. But the patent details say that the device can be turned on/off via screen using a piezoelectric sensor. The patent also talks about the possibility of eSIM and wired/wireless charging albeit having no 

Use-case Scenarios of Transparent housing, Sliding Camera

The new housing and all-display inside has several use-case scenarios. These include displaying weather information, health/training info via graphics on the entire screen. The report says the housing also can adapt to the environment by detecting colors, and displaying images accordingly.

For instance, scanning a pebble, it can turn the entire device look like a pebble by displaying it on all the images. Additionally, the device would also use AI to reportedly adapt to situations, read environments, and display data like Weather, traffic information accordingly.

As for the display and hidden camera, they reportedly will work in tandem for various actions. It can track and activate the display accordingly when the device is in hands, table, etc. The other displays, that aren’t in use, can show preset images like thumbnails of recent images.

Users can swipe it from the sides to expand into the screen in use. Other features include turn-over the screen while watching a video to see file info, project contents on all display at the same time, etc. Nevertheless, if the design gains momentum and becomes a final product, it is sure to be attractive than wrap-around Mi Mix Alpha, and portless Meizu Zero.
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Hidden front camera: I bought the note 20 about 2 months ago, and it had this feature. Samsung did an update and the feature went away. How do I get it back without buying another phone? Or was it taken away just for that purpose? Just asking is all.

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I tried this, and still no response. I called and the person tried to help,  but then just stopped suddenly. It was crazy. Didn't say goodbye or send me to another associate just stopped communicating. Wow. Am I the only one with the aforementioned issue with not being able to hide the camera hole?