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Samsung is generally manufacturer of great products.But with samsung level U and level.u app the scenrio is so different.Ever time you keep the headphone in ideal connected mode with your device face the issue of frequent disconnection and auto reconnection.I am currently using samsung A50s handset and faced the similar issue with other samsung devices too.But if we uninstall the specified level u app,we face this problem..Cheap to see after a good driver of 12mm and so good battery quality the level you miss the charm of quality music and this disconnection issue...Even a local brands feel better in place of a brand like samsung.
Hope samsung looks to there customer for satisfaction its the reason we prefer samsung but level u device if company is selling it to market then they are bound for level of satisfaction the customers also..We purchased the same old level u maybe a obsolute model for the battery and its rigidity.But its not that what we expect from the brand.Developers should concentrate to immense quality of level u driver to solve the issue and keep the brand name glowing.Else they will loose the faith and charm of samsung..