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Over the past several weeks, Samsung has been hard at work testing its One UI 3.0, which is based on Android 11. It rolled out a developer beta for the Galaxy S20 in September, complete with an extensive changelog of what’s new. Now, Samsung has updated its Malaysian website to highlight some of the biggest new features coming in One UI 3.0, which the company said will launch in NovemberMany of the features highlighted on Samsung’s website focus on the simpler, more optimized look of One UI 3.0. “It provides you with meaningful innovations and improves your everyday life, ensuring that you adapt in the ever-changing world,” Samsung’s website reads.One of the new enhancements focuses on convenience. Samsung specifically highlights an enhanced Quick panel, which makes it easy for users to switch back and forth between their music and videos. The Notification panel is also improved, providing users with more information at a glance, even when the phone is locked. One UI 3.0 has also been optimized for screen size, meaning it will adapt to whatever Galaxy device you’re using, including the Galaxy Z Fold 2. When the Z Fold 2 is closed, you’ll see a more traditional smartphone interface. But when opened, One UI 3.0 adjusts to the size of the Main Screen, offering a tablet-like experience. Speaking of Samsung’s foldable device, Samsung said Dual Preview and Rear Cam Selfie will be available on the Galaxy Fold when One UI 3.0 is released. Galaxy Z Fold 2 owners already have access to both camera features. Samsung also highlights an expansion of its Dynamic lock screen from five categories in One UI 2.5 to 10 categories in One UI 3.0. Finally, the company’s website says that full-screen video calls are coming in the same update.Samsung’s website just scratches the surface of what’s coming in One UI 3.0. These are just a few of the highlights, but the company’s new update promises to make a lot of quality of life improvements and generally enhance the performance of its software. If the changelog we saw in September is anything to go by — not to mention the highlights above — Galaxy owners are in for a treat.According to Samsung, One UI 3.0 will be available beginning in November. However, if you want to test out a beta build, Samsung is actively recruiting new testers who have a Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 20 series device.
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I'm done with Android and Samsung. I started with the S2 (when it launched in 2011) and now I'm on S10+. This S10+ is my last Samsung phone. I'm tired of the constant "useless" updates to Android, the One UI and the apps. Every update brings with it loads of bugs (good features are either removed or screwed up). Adding salt to injury every 2 years the updates are frozen and when asked the standard answer "the hardware is not capable" keeps coming back.

This whole Android ecosystem and the experience has left me wanting to move ) to Apple. At least they take good care of their customers and products for 5+ years, the updates are not rampant and loaded with bugs.
A new day=New update
A new update=A new bug