I was not an avid user of Samsung Internet Browser until I came to know about the amazing features it has to offer. Here is the list of features which I think are awesome in the Samsung Internet Browser:

  1. Customize Menu option as the name suggests easy to use navigate and get things done without having too much hassle. 
  2. Ad Blockers - It automatically blocks all ads to keep the experience seamless and without any interruptions.
  3. Desktop Mode - Its desktop mode loads faster than the Google Chrome desktop version. 
  4. QR Scanner is an add-on directly navigates from the camera to the Samsung browser.
  5. Multiple Tabs having a Tab Wide feature you can navigate between the tabs by just swiping left or right from the Url Link to navigate
  6. Night Mode is great, you can add light and dark to the content your viewing by just clicking on it. 
  7. Quick Menu has many app settings link to print, share which is also pretty fast and great you can go to settings and enable individual features 
  8. Tracking Blocker is a feature that will block all your online activity.
  9. Content Blocker 
  10. Secret Mode is just like Incognito Mode but you can keep it password protected.
  11. Video Assistant allows you to share videos to connected devices easily it will help you to change your video into Pop-up mode or full-screen mode. 
  12. Bookmarks Sync


Secret Mode Password ProtectedSecret Mode Password Protected
Password protected secret mode
AdBlocker, Content Blocker, DisconnectAdBlocker, Content Blocker, Disconnect
Adblocker, Content Blocker, Disconnect
Toggle Features, Add OnsToggle Features, Add Ons
Customizable Menu




Seamless fast functionality of Samsung Internet



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yeah its easy and secure your data
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Thank you for sharing the amazing features of Samsung Internet.