The Beginning:

The year was 2011. Galaxy S2 had launched that year. But in the mid year our favourite company Samsung sent invites again. Everyone was surprised. Why another flagship? It was the 1st Galaxy Note phone that was to launch and it launched with a bang. Many people criticised the size and the form factor. But that year launched the best tool for many years to come-the S-Pen. All were off the view that why is Samsung making a phone with a stylus. Stylus is a thing of past. But it was Samsung who thought ahead of time, now it's a signature tool of the Note series. It has turned heads and changed perceptions of the critics.

The Evolution:

Over the years S pen got evolved and not it is a power tool. It can do many more things than just write.

Picture Courtesy: TeckTalkTV

Though taking notes is still the main competency of the tool now it is a style icon along with many more abilities added. I took Note 9 after using S series for 8 years. Now in 2020 it is a great way to be innovative. It is well received a hit in power users and creative people. Attached video show at the functions that can be used.

The best S-Pen:

Samsung launched the best S-pen with the Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 lite. This S-pen does not only have a long lasting Bluetooth, you can also control your camera like a pro. It uses AR technology and helps you create great and funny Air Doodle. 


My Friend in Need:

I am a stand up artist. Funny thoughts have no time to strike the mind. S-pen and its ability to write when screen is off (Screen off memo) just does wonders. I can write my thoughts or premises any time I want. Then it helps me write the entire script whenever I would want to. I have a Tab S3 which also has S-pen and that helps me with the scripts. When I make any video/photo editing the precision of the S-Pen is legendary. Hope to see Spen take new strides this year with the latest Note phones.


I love the S-Pen and its abilities. How does it help you guys? Please do post your comments or share your posts.

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