My Love For Note will always be special because of the S-Pen, a high tech tool that can do beyond one's imagination .


S PEN 🖊 is not a capactive  stylus that works on every screen. The S Pen is an inductive device and needs special hardware built into the Note display .
Talking about the technology aspect of this beast is beyond what I want to discuss in this post . So lets discuss how this  Pen can help you to do work ia creative way that that makes you look more smart , a tool that will make you look different from others.

I have experienced one thing with my note 9 that when i used it infront of others ,people always asked me about it. It always made me feel special.

Here are the few headling features of the S Pen that makes it as a magic stick that you have dreamed in your childhood.


Handwritten notes in the era of typing..

Just take out the S Pen and start writing on the screen like pen on paper.With Screen-off Memo,you can quickly and discreetly jot notes without unlocking your phone wherever and whenever the moment strikes.


To use Screen-off Memo, pop out the S Pen when the phone is locked and just start writing. Easily add additional pages as you go by clicking the down arrow. When you’re done, hit Save and everything will be stored in Samsung Notes .

Enhance your app experience:

Take advantage of the S Pen with a variety of native and third party apps.From photos in the Gallery to YouTube videos, you can use the stylus to play, pause, or switch to the next one, from up to 10 meters away.And for more control, you can set your own custom functions.



Write a series of words or phrases in fairly legible handwriting, and single-tap on the words with your fingers. The converted text will be there at the top of your notes.



To work with the S Pen camera feature, you set up the Note 10 on a tripod  or set according to you choice  then hold down the S Pen's button to open your phone's camera. You can use the S Pen's new gesture function to scroll through modes, zoom in and out and then snap a photo by pushing the button on the stylus. All this is done without touching your phone. 
Note : features may vary from model to model.

Smart Select

This feature, which allows you to “lasso” anything you can see on your screen and export it as an image. First, open the document that has the snippet you want and tap Smart Select in the Air Command menu. From there, you can select or lasso the exact content you need and quickly save or share it. You can even extract text from the selected content, quickly sharing and repurposing it as you see fit.


Video Editing now in your hands:

With the greatest accuracy  of the S Pen, you can quickly trim a video clip, add filters, touch up faces and add music. IT really comes in handy if you want to add captions or handwritten annotations on a video or photo.


Remotely control your presentation using S Pen:


This magic stick allows you to control the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on your Note 10 even at a distance of about 30ft away. Well, it is possible to present PowerPoint files directly on Note 10 while using all-new S Pen to control the slides and other actions.
 Note : you have to connect your device to your pc with  Samsung dex.

Be a painter with just one tool

Just take out your inner artist  with this new advanced drawing tool . You can conver this S pen into  Pencil, pen ,sketch , brush and everything you need during drawing and painting. . Samsung has perfected the S-pen hardware  in terms of usable drawing feature. You will get   4,096 pen pressure levels. It also still has that extra-fine tip perfect for sketching. 


The S Pen does a million other things that are all selectable from the menu that pops up when you pull it out. It can magnify stuff the screen, it can reduce an app to a little thumbnail that pins itself to your screen until you hover over it to glance at it, and it’s still the best way to create and edit a screenshot on a phone.

Have you ever tried S pen, if yes then share your experience with us in comment section. If not , are you ready to experience this ? According to me if you are a tech lover , then you must experience it once. 

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Just love doodling with my spen!!🤩🤩🤩💯
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