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1.Different animations options for biometric unlock(So that we can choose according to our choice)
2.Add an battery charged alarm via bixby which will notify the user by saying "Battery Charged" or "Battery Charged Please Unplug The Charger" as it is one of the most needed feauture by many people and if it is provided by samsung via bixby then we will not need any 3rd party app to do this thing.
(I often used to forget to check whether my phones battery is charged and my phones used to overcharge for the same so I have installed a apk called "Macrodroid" on which I have set an automation using google tts engine by setting a condition if battery is greater then equal to 100(battery>=100) then speak text "Battery Charged Please Unplug The Charger" and repeat the same after 30sec if not unplugged.Hence if samsung provides such type of alarm then it would be great).
3.Please add a feauture like google pixel's astrophotography mode which will take samsung camera on next level(As we can use this feauture using gcam mod apk but stock is stock.Hence If samsung provides something like this then it would be amazing)
4.Please improve the game launchers interface by shifting game launcher panel in notification panel while playing games(With Custom Themes) so it will be more easily accesible like gaming smartphones like lenovo legion which will give a nice experience.
5.Add an feauture in camera which will take pictures using wide and ultra wide camera together to improve hdr.

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great suggestions I wish to see this features in one UI 3.5
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Good suggestion