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From past many week,Im seeing post ,blogs,tweets regarding appearance of Ads Banner in Samsung Apps like PHONE . I havent seen though any Ads banner as of now in My Note 10+ Indian Varient.
Im an **bleep** samsung user ; buying S & Note Flaship on launch day itself & also stay updated with many tech news and all. As a samsung user I request samsung dont ruin user experience specially on our almost 1 Lakh Indian Rupees device by implementing ADS in ONE UI.
There are many blogs,Tweets by popular website & tech accounts like SAMMOBILE, ANDROID AUTHORITY, MKBHD , MAX WEINBACH ,XDA . Im already planning to switch to other brand if samsung again launched underperforming EXYNOS varient compare to snapdragon 865 or 865+ on Note 20 Ultra without 5G in INDIA.
Hope anyone from samsung seeing thia post