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I have purchased a samsung phone Galaxy S10 after almost 5 years.
In android smartphone one thing is very satisfying that is hardware. Mobiles are releasing daily with top notch hardware but they are not able to compete with IPhone user experience. 
Even top companies are struggling while providing the user experience to customers.

Million dollar question is what makes a phone beautiful and useful?

As a user, smartphone should be beautiful inside. That is the area where most of the smartphone makers are still struggling even Google.
And that is the answer why people are liking OnePlus.

First time I am feeling that a company focusing on user experience while using this phone in android world...Good Job Samsung

But still the user experience is not upto Iphone.
The animations should be smooth.
The apps should be design keeping the usability and smoothness in mind.
Small example is: floating camera button in camera app.

Samsung should focus more and more on user experience. Samsung hardware is already top notch.
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