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Hey samsung I want to request you something 
And I know that you also know what is thi eyes its carriar aggrication 

Hey I know you will create difference between a and m series create I don't have problems 
But don't create difference which is problem 
Like no ca is problem

I know you want to attract more people to a series from m series but with no ca you are not attracting m series user to a series you are sending them back to other
If you don't give samsung pass,clipboard in stock keyboard and goodlock it is ok
But ca is important bcz everyother are giving this so make a series better than m series but also make m seires better than other phone 
In makin a better than m you are making m better than other

If you give dual speaker in a series and give single to m series it's ok but dont give that single speaker less louder
Bcz while comparing msereis to a series speaker will be better in a series but when youtuber will compare it with other phone than m series will look bad
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Provide feedback to samsung developers via feedback section, they need a minimum no. Of feedback from individual users to add a premium feature.