Expert Level 4
Tech Talk
1. Mobile security
For ensuring mobile security samsung should give full fledged knox security to devices. Also, samsung max should be given for free. It has many good features for protecting privacy of customers, but deluxe plan costs much for indian customers.
2. Galaxy M12/F12
Samsung is doing many wrong things. 
First of all samsung should not launch same device by changing just name. After M12 was launched, samsung should have considered customer reviews and suggestions, then improving it to launch F12. 
Second thing is about samsung wrost marketing strategy, instead of giving free units to youtubers and creating so much market hype, samsung should work actually on to reduce price of device.
Third thing is samsung should see the competitive devices in this segment. Accordingly, samsung should have given full one ui, carrier Aggregation and ir blaster. And ip68 rating can be a USP for the device, but samsung created 90Hz display as USP, see the processor and then think.

I hope these suggestions would be put forward by community managers for #InnovationLab for Week 20.