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Galaxy A52 8GB:

1. There is some problem with battery calculation logic.
It stays at 100% for more than an hour (while using) but from 99% it discharges a lot faster (1% per 5 min when using). I have charged it from 0% to 100% and kept it plugged in for about 3 hours but it is still giving this weird discharge rate. I have also attached a screenshot of AIDA64 that shows weird battery reporting. Please look into this.

From Samsung Device Care

From AIDA64

2. Add a feature where we can see our notifications if it detects our face if we have registered a face while it unlocks with fingerprint or other unlocking methods.
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First thing, don't use your phone while charging, it confuses the processor, where to focus, charging or performance.
2nd. Try Max charge level of 85%. And charge it at 15%.
Also if you don't have fast charge, it's good, charge at Normal speed, fast charge if you have less time, and you might need to leave soon to work.
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