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Dear all Admins,
I read the post about the 1week topics to provide any suggestions:-
1. Galaxy Store
Our Galaxy store is not that content friendly it does not provide with a vide variety of themes, wall papers, Fonts, live wall papers etc that are widely available and freely downloadable in other phone manufacturer stores ( Xiaomi store which has a vast content and that are free to the users to download) we also have the free download section but the fonts are limited and also we are not having more of the themes, wallpaper etc from Samsung official account, I personally don't download the font or wallpapers, themes from other creators feeling the issue of security and privacy which is a major concern for every user nowadays. So I suggest pls samsung from its official account pls provide wide range of the downloadable content ( fonts, Wall paper, themes)that will be free and users will be having trust to download from it.
2. Regarding the Bluetooth:- 
There are certain limitations as we have to select the particular device from the list with whom it has already paired which I guess should attach itself automatically without selecting it manually should be done in future updates.
I hope this suggestion will be incorporated in the future updates by the team..