Expert Level 5

How to clean Galaxy phone?

To clean your phone, please follow these steps: 


• Before starting to clean, turn off the phone, remove the cases, and remove all accessories and cables, if any.


• Use a waterproof, dust-proof wipe, such as a camera lens wipe, to gently wipe the surface of the device.


• Avoid getting moisture into any openings and do not use liquid directly on the phone. If necessary, lightly dampen a corner of a washcloth with a small amount of purified water or biocide, such as a product derived from hydrogen peroxide (50-80ppm) or an alcohol-based substance (with an ethanol content). or isopropyl above 70%), and gently wipe the front and back of the phone without putting too much force. Avoid excessive cleaning.


• Do not use the compressor and do not use or spray bleach or any cleaning solution directly on your phone.


• The cleaning method above is only recommended for the glass, ceramic and metal surfaces of your phone. We do not recommend soft parts, such as leather, rubber and plastic parts.

Applicable Products:


The above instructions only apply to: phones, tablets, and Galaxy watches (except for bands). Will not apply to Galaxy Buds Headphones, keyboard (removable keyboard and Galaxy laptop keyboard), plastic strap for Wearable Accessories, and any other Samsung products which are not clearly listed above.

Can I use a cleaner product to clean my Galaxy phone?

We do not recommend the use of abrasive materials or strong chemical solutions, which are not allowed for electronic devices. Because they can scratch the screen and wear the coating, which causes the fingerprint sensor to become smudged. 


Also, in certain situations, liquids and water can get into open parts, causing other damage to your phone. If this happens, please bring your device as soon as possible to your Samsung authorized service center.