Beginner Level 2
Most of the handsets in the current portfolio have around or above 6.5 inches of screen size. Many handsets overlap into the price range of each other or are very closely priced to each other. There is definitely a need to revamp the product range and narrow down to fewer models with good quality hardware like using Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets and other components in lower end handsets as well. There is also a need to provide variation in the overall size of the handsets in order to provide the customer the choice to pick a handset suited for their respective requirements. For eg. a reasonably higher specifications like 4/6gb RAM coupled with 64/128gb of internal memory in a 5.5-6 inch pocket friendly size to offer a choice to those who want easy handling of their handsets. The product range needs to be consolidated instead of flooding the market to counter the rival brands. These resources can be optimally utilized to offer better quality of hardware from the remaining range of handsets after discontinuing the unwanted ones. Hope this suggestion is heard by the top brass and necessary steps are taken to improve the image, sales and financial management of the company.