Galaxy watch Active 2 - watch for those who want to remain always active...

The smartwatch market was valued at shipments volume of 47.34 million in 2019 and it is expected to reach a volume of 117.51 million by 2025, registering a CAGR of 14.5% during the forecast period (2020 - 2025)

Above data shows the trend , and if you are not part of that then you are lacking behind.

Smartwatches  offer more than just the time and Galaxy Watch Active 2  is the  mega combo of  technology plus fashion.

  • Timeless design with digital touch bezel
  • Cutting edge activity tracker
  • Wide range of watch faces to choose from


       ............Be a trendy..............

In terms of features and functionality, the 
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 does everything you would want a smartwatch to do, just about. It tracks your steps and exercise, it shows notifications from your phone, and it tells the time.

It can measure your heart rate, monitor your sleep , monitor your physical activity.

Let us move to the specifications of this little beast:
Display and Design :
 It comes with a bigger customizable screen and fresh new look


Weight (g)30.00

Display Resolution360 x 360
Display Size34mm
Display TypeSuper AMOLED
Scratch ResistantCorning Gorilla Glass DX+

  • It has a very sleek stainless steel casing and a slightly curved display that blends in.The overall effect of display and size  is stylish and elegant  with a leather band.
  • The Galaxy Watch Active2 adopts a very safe design language, which is better suited with more attires and can be sported by women as well with relative ease.
  • The  20 mm band is comfortable enough to wear to bed and doesn’t irritate my skin or slide around while running.
  • The biggest change in the new watch’s display is the addition of the digital rotating bezel.Older Samsung smartwatches let you navigate around the watch by physically turning the bezels. Samsung ditched that physical turning bezels and brings a digital approximation of that navigational tool. You can use your fingertip to slide around the edge of the display, allowing you to page through the widgets to the right of the watch face or scroll down a page. This is slightly faster .

It has a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a respectable 360 x 360 resolution, surrounded by a curved bezel that blends in with the black interface of the watch and disappears. Samsung’s pedigree in displays once again shines, with a very bright and crisp display that never felt inadequate.


Always on Display

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 can have an always-on display if you want, or you can extend the battery by keeping the display off until you raise your wrist.


My Style is one of the new features of the Galaxy Active 2. This option lets you create a watch face based on the color of your outfit. So if you are wearing pink, you simply need to grab a photo of your outfit, and your smartwatch will give you a couple of smart pattern options.


The dual-core Exynos 9110 chipset with 1.5GB of RAM combine beautifully with the operating system for an experience that does not slow down.

All functions and features are very responsive as they are specifically optimized for this hardware-software combo. It’s one of the most reliable smartwatches for Android users in this regard.

Power that last the day:
  • Take your Galaxy Watch Active2 out for the day with a battery that lasts the day and more with normal use. 
  • Back home, just lay it on the compact magnetic wireless charger to bring it back to full, no charging jacks or wires required.
  • It drops to about 48 hours with workouts, and 24 hours when you keep the always-on display turned on.
Fitness features:


Your own personal trainer, Galaxy Watch lets you focus on more exercise with less planning. 

Samsung added run-coaching to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which lets you choose from seven programs for improving endurance or boosting speed. You will get the cues by the watch speaker or through the bluetooth headphones you have connected. It will vibrate to command you to speed up or to slow.....it act as your coach , the one always with you.

Sleep tacker :


Learn about your nighttime so you can feel better the next day
It tracks your sleep history and helps you to take  proper sleep.
Galaxy Watch detects when you wake up, displaying a morning briefing with the weather, today's schedule, reminders, and more.

Wear it where you want to wear:


Galaxy Watch Active 2 goes where you go, with an IP68 and 5ATM water and dust resistance rating.

Apps to push you further :
Have a look through the large selection of apps for your Galaxy Watch for what suits your needs. 
Bring enhancement to your life with apps ranging from the Galaxy lineup to a large variety of downloadable 3rd party apps.

Get connected to your device: It act as your second screen of the phone.


 No need to take out phone from pocket everytime, you can see all the notifications from the watchitself. Not only see them ,you'll get to reply to your WhatsApp messages from the wztch itself......

  Measure heartbeat where you want:


The lower your heart rate during exercise, the more in shape you are and vice versa. Use your smart watch to keep track of your heart rate whenever you work out or go for a jog, so you can see how far you’ve come.....

Esim- more near to the future

Did you ever imagine that all those spy movies would come true? Well, they have. Depending on your model , you can make and answer calls right from your wrist! You just need to make sure the watch is connected to your phone through Bluetooth or through a mobile network. With a LTE watch model like , you can even handle calls remotely.


What is esim?
An embedded-SIM or embedded universal integrated circuit card is a form of programmable SIM card that is embedded directly into a device. In machine to machine applications where there is no requirement to change the SIM card, this avoids the requirement for a connector, improving reliability and security. That simply means you can run sim in this watch with out actually  using the physical simcard.

*This is available in the LTE version

Spotify - listen to music at any spot


Samsung is one of a few smartwatch makers with a partnership with Spotify, so, as a Spotify premium subscriber, You could save running playlists directly on the smartwatch and listen to them without an LTE connection or your  smartphone nearby. And if you have  a LTE version , you can directly play the songs online from the watch itself.

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AppsBring enhancement to your life with apps ranging from the Galaxy lineup to a large variety of downloadable 3rd party apps

 to push you further


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