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What are all the features that you look for while buying a new phone? Looks, camera, display, processor, RAM, storage, battery and price, right? For most people, the research for a good phone ends here. But they always tend to miss out on one important factor that decides how safe their device is for them to use.

SAR value is one such important feature that tells you the amount of radiation your phone emits and how safe it is to use. The term SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate value. This defines the rate at which electromagnetic energy is radiated from a device and absorbed by the human body. This radiation leads users towards major potential health risks. According to FCC (Federal Communications Commission), long-term continuous use of high radiation emitting devices is also a greater health risk to children.

Considering this, the lower the SAR value, safer the device is for the user. It means that the user is exposed to low thermal levels of microwave radiation. The standard for phones is 1.6W/Kg.

In 2006, the Samsung team came up with a revolutionary antenna system that enhances handset safety by radiating most of the transmitted RF energy away from the user device. Today, Samsung holds a leading position among the manufacturers of safe smartphone devices. We make 12 of 20 lowest SAR smartphones globally which is quite significant (

The latest release from the M series family - the Galaxy M40 also provides you the least SAR value in the market of 0.200 W/Kg, hence making it the safest option you can get in its category.

Do you know the SAR value of your device?

No? It's easy to find. Dial *#07# from your device and a message will appear on your screen explaining about your device’s SAR value.

So what’s your phone’s SAR value? Use #MembersTechTalk and post the screenshot telling your device’s SAR value in the comment section below. And also post any queries about SAR value.

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