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Do Not Kill the Note Series

(Topic created on: 11-13-2020 08:18 AM)
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As the Rumors and design Leaks of S21 Ultra are surfacing. I came to know that Samsung is going to kill there Note LineUp. I will tell you why it's a Very bad idea. 
1) There is a Special Fan base for Note Line-up not only because of the Amazing Spen but also because of the Revolutionary Boxy Design and Robust Build Quality and Looks of the Note Series.

2) The Note Series took the Productivity to the Next Level and it's popularity is Increasing Greatly these days after the release of Note 10 Lite which gave a wiff of Note Series to normal Users because of its Affordable Price and made people like me wanting to move to next Note Flagship.

3) The Note Series is being Killed to pave the path for Foldables which is a very bad idea because the Note Line-up has Matured just now from the release of Note 10 Plus or Note 9 killing it at this Point is like terminating a 20 Year Old before seeing the Real World.

4)Transitioning from Note to Foldables might be a good idea When the Foldable Technology is mature but making it this early is just useless because it's Not ready yet for the average Consumer because of its early designs and High Price Points.

So As a User of Note 10 Lite. I Know it's not a Real Note but i am very excited to get the Next Note Flagship and it would be great if Samsung didn't Kill the Amazingly Awesome, Great Looking and Industry Standard Note Series.