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🔥Biggest Thread with Complete OneUi & Android fixes Including Many Options.

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  Hi everyone so here's the biggest Thread of all the time which includes almost all the things by which you can fix your OneUi. Those settings are tested on multiple devices.This the biggest thread which includes everything. I'm not including ADB settings here, will plan to add later but that's for highly tested uses are already aware with adb.
I hope you like this thread you can comment your queries if any ot your can bookmark this as per later use.


To Start With​- Factory Reset
- Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore anything during setup)
- Restart
- Add your account from settings app, then continue setup
- DON'T use Smart Switch

System Settings​- Adaptive Battery: DISABLED.
- Synchronization: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use).

- Location: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use).
- Advanced features/Gestures: DISABLED
- Auto download System Update over Wi-Fi: DISABLED
- Auto optimize daily: ENABLED
- Auto restart at set times: ENABLED
- Bluetooth Scanning (Location services): DISABLED
- Usage & Diagnostics: DISABLED
- Advertising ID: DELETE
- System Sound/Vibration Control: ALL OFF
- Network Mode: 2G/3G/4G
- Always On Display (AoD): DISABLED
- System-Wide Dark Mode: ENABLED

Background Usage Limits​- Put unused apps to Sleep: DISABLED
- Sleeping Apps: All apps except apps you need instant notifications from.
- Deep Sleeping Apps: All your inactive apps.

Google Settings​- Nearby connections: DISABLED
- Devices: DISABLED
- Nearby Share: DISABLED (turn it off again when not in use).
- Location Services: ALL DISABLED

Accessibility Settings​- Reduce Blur: ENABLED
Developer Options:​- Background Check: DISABLED
- Multicore Packet Scheduler: ENABLED
- Suspend execution of Cached apps (under developer options): ENABLED
- Animation scale (3 entries) : x0.5
- Bluetooth AVRCP Version: 1.6
- Bluetooth MAP version: 1.4


Battery Calibration​- Use your phone normally till it turns off automatically.
- Plug it into the charger and leave it charging for 2h while it's still off.

OPTIONAL *(Don't plug it out, turn it on, apply calibration using Battery Calibration Pro, then turn it off)*
- Turn it on, then unplug your phone and use it normally until it dies again.
- Plug it into the charger and leave it charging for 2h while it's still off.
- Turn it on, unplug it, enjoy
Fix General Battery Leak​- Go to Permission Manager, check for any excess permissions, especially hardware like location, camera or nearby devices.

Fix Google Apps Battery drain​Go to Settings, Apps. Enable "show system apps" then look for each of:
"Google Play Store"
"Google Services Framework"
"Google Play Services", "Chrome"
"Google Android System WebView"
"Google App".
- Clear data & cache
- Uninstall Updates
- Force Stop
- Reboot, let them update and follow setup.

Fix Camera Experience​- Uninstall updates from App Info page
- Wipe Data & Cache of Camera app, reboot to Safe mode, do it again, then reboot normally.
- Turn off location tags, and location permission for the camera app.
- Move all camera modes (portrait, food, etc ..) to the "More" section.
- Video Stabilization: DISABLED

Fix Google Play Store Experience​Under Google Play Store settings
- Autoplay: DISABLED
- Auto Update Apps: DISABLED
- App Install Optimization: DISABLED

Fix Google Chrome​Settings
- Page Preloading: DISABLED
Chrome Flags
- Smooth Scrolling: ENABLED
- Parallel Downloading: ENABLED

Fix Social Media Apps​- Theme: AMOLED
- Autoplay videos: DISABLED
Under security
- Log out of all Old sessions.

Fix Spotify Battery Drain​- Under settings, turn off "Spotify connect in the background"

Remove Ads System-Wide​Go to settings, connections, more connections settings, look for Private DNS.
- Set: dns.adguard.com as custom dns & save.
- Close all apps then reboot.

Fix OLED Burn-in/Ghosting​- Download LCD Burn-in Wiper
- Disable Auto-brightness & set Brightness to 100%
- Launch at least 1 hour
Fix Speaker crackling​- Download Speaker cleaner
- Set your volume to max
- Put your phone face down & launch


Fix General Performance​- Boot into recovery
- Clear cache partition
- Repair apps.

Fix OneUI Lag​Go to Settings, Apps. Enable "show system apps" then look for each of:
"OneUI Home", "Your Keyboard", "Android System", "System UI", & all the "Gesture" apps.
- Under app info, Battery, set to UNRESTRICTED

Fix UI Frame Drop/Stutter​Settings, Apps, show system apps.
- Clear App Data & Cache of "Always-on Display"

Fix Slow App Launch​- Download & install latest versions of Galaxy App Booster & Samsung Good Guardians.
- Launch Good Guardian & select Galaxy App booster
- Launch it and leave your phone till it's done.

Fix Fingerprint Experience​Go to Settings, Biometrics and security, fingerprints:
- Turn on "Fingerprint always on"
- Turn off "Show animation when unlocking"
Go to Settings, Biometrics and security, more biometrics settings:
- Turn off "Show unlock transition effect"
Under Settings, Apps.
- Set battery usage to "Unrestricted" for "com.samsung.android.biometrics.app.setting".
Unlock More Gallery Features​- Go to Gallery App, Settings, About.
- Tap version number multiple times
- You'll find more options under "Labs"

Note: Data Backup is important in any condition
I'm not responsible for any kind of damage.

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OMG 😲 😱 you found all this finally which me and my friend knew not because read but learn from experience by making numerous settings, mistakes and even resetting 10+ time to get lag free best performance and battery 🔋
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I would rather buy a feature phone than disabling most settings and factory resetting every now and then. Nowadays people are recommending factory reset as if it's restarting of the phone
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