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Multilingual Typing in Keyboard





Have you ever faced issues when you're trying to type in your native language (non-English)? It sure gets a little difficult when your keyboard keeps auto-correcting it to the closest English word. It takes longer to type your message and most of the time you end up sending a message with typing errors. 

For instance, while typing the sentence- "Hey bro! Kya kar raha hai? Lunch par chalega kya?" many Hindi words get corrected (incorrectly) to closest English words. 

Gif 1 - Before Multilingual.gif

A lot of keyboards try to predict and suggest the next word you may type. However, these suggestions are mostly given in English. Therefore, if you start typing words in your native language using an English keyboard, you may not find relevant suggestions for your next word.

This indeed takes up a lot of your time and effort in typing a simple message.


Multilingual Typing

We realized the need to solve this problem that comes in the way of your daily communication. Especially in India, where people speak multiple languages but mostly use the English keyboard for typing, messaging can get a little difficult.

Introducing the Multilingual Typing feature by Alive Intelligence. You can access this feature on your Samsung keyboard.


How does it work?

The Samsung Keyboard understands the language you are currently typing in and provides suggestions for auto-correction, word completion and next-word prediction in the same language.

You will now be able to easily use a combination of words from both - your native language and English while typing a message. Our keyboard is smartly designed to suit your requirements. Thus, it understands the context and provides suggestions in either language.

This feature currently works for Hindi, Marathi and Telugu languages. While we're working on including other languages on the keyboard, you should start using it for a more convenient messaging experience.


Gif 3 - Multilingual Hindi Predictions.gif


Gif 4 - Multilingual Marathi Predictions.gif


Gif 5 - Multilingual Telugu Predictions.gif


How to enable it?

There are two ways of enabling Multilingual Typing on your Samsung smartphone:

1)  Auto: All you have to do is just type a few words in your native language using an English keyboard. The keyboard will automatically understand the language and prompt you to enable Multilingual Typing. Simple, right?

Gif 2 - Multilingual Popup.gif


 2)  Manual: You can enable the feature manually by going to Keyboard settings, selecting Languages & Types and then finally tapping on Multilingual Typing to enable the feature. 

Keyboard settings > Languages & Types > Multilingual Typing





Is it safe to use?

Your privacy is our primary concern. For this reason, the intelligence which is used to detect the language and predict the next word remains entirely on your Samsung smartphone. The words you type using your Samsung Keyboard are not stored or sent to the cloud. This feature makes sure that your privacy is not compromised and is completely safe to use.


*This feature is currently available on Samsung Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, Galaxy M31 and Galaxy M21 in India. It will be available on upcoming Samsung Galaxy devices soon.


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accha lage to like kar dena
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the option is not available in Samsung A50
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Is this feature avilable in S9?
yes in s20 also have this feature