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Samsung A70s has provided GalaxyGallery with a hidden feature where you can organize your pictures and videos in such a manner that it will be visible to you as per your required sizes. You can make it larger or smaller as per your preference.

Let's talk about how this is helpful.

Sometimes what happens, we want to see the maximum number of pics on a single display when open gallery but can't. We have to swipe the screen of the display again and again.

On the other hand, we also want to see the pics in a single view of the gallery screen in a bigger size to analyse the pictures at a time while selecting for any purpose instead of open each and every picture again and again. But in maximum phones, the gallery has it's own default settings to show the images might be with a smaller or bigger in size which makes the task harder.

But Samsung has resolved all these issues.

You just have to open Gallery in your A70s and drag your two fingers on the screen in opposite directions frequently. You can see the changes in the sizes of images or videos you saved in the gallery. It might be functional with other models.
Try this at your side and have fun.

I hope this will be a cool feature for all of you.

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